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NFL GameDay / Trollbäck+Company

Category Description

A system of motion graphic elements intended to present information within a sports program for television or streaming

Project Description

Trollbäck+Company’s flexible design system for NFL GameDay's 360° refresh prioritizes digital and unifies the brand to enable consistent cross-platform clarity. Placing a premium on authenticity, directness, and surprise, the design combines a bold use of team colors with football iconography to strike an emotional chord with fans. The editorial approach puts the players and franchises first, generating drama through movement and editing.


Chief Creative Officer:
Alex Moulton

Executive Producer:
Erica Schrager

Creative Director:
Jorge Peschiera

Shannon Moore

Art Director:
Mike Batista

Lead Animators:
Ben Nichols
Jon Smith

Sarah Cohen
Erin Kilkenny
Pat King
Darius Maghen
Christian Palma

2D Animators:
Chris Foster
Paris Glickman
Chris Jung
Darius Safani

3D Animators:
Ryan Paterson
Hogan Williams

Evan Kultangwatana
September Raines