2017 Nominees

We are thrilled to present the 2017 Motion Awards by Motionographer Nominees!

Only one entry from each category will be crowned the winner. Please note: it is possible not all categories will have a winner. See the FAQ for more information on the judging process and criteria.

(Nominees are listed in alphabetical order. Full credits will be listed for all Winners.)



  • Coca-Cola Christmas Cards by Le Cube
  • Spotify – Pride Stories by Giant Ant
  • The Fight for Good – The Salvation Army by Moth Studio

Single Spot

  • Amazon Launchpad: The First Mark by MediaMonks
  • Cartoon Network – 25th Anniversary by Oddfellows
  • Everything in Black and White by Vetor Zero / Lobo
  • Five Go On A Great Western Adventure by Friends Electric
  • Invention of Together by Buck
  • Molton Brown – A Show of Stars by Jody McAlavey / Jonathan Lindgren
  • Red Room Poetry – “Poetry Object” by KAPWA Studioworks
  • Sprint Vector Trailer by Chromosphere

Social Media

  • Canadian Icons by Giant Ant
  • Chupa Chups: 3D Skull Campaign by MediaMonks
  • Dash Studio Brand Idents by Dash
  • Disney Holiday Loops by Giant Ant
  • McDonald’s World Car-Free Day by Le Cube


Live Event Graphics

  • How to Make Music for Advertising by Buck
  • MTV Video Music Awards 2017 by Elastic

Title Sequence

  • 2017 SXSW Gaming Awards by Imaginary Forces
  • Pause 2017 Opening Titles by Zaoeyo (Xiaolin Zeng)
  • Semi Permanent Festival 2017 by Framestore
  • TEDx Sydney Titles by Substance
  • The Blend Is Near by Oddfellows


Film Graphics

  • Early winner will be announced May 2nd, 2018

Title Sequence

  • Spanish Western by Dosdecadatres
  • Spider-Man: Homecoming Title Sequence by Perception
  • The Endless Scare by The Drawing Room
  • The Heiress by SPILLT
  • Wonder Woman by Greenhaus GFX



  • Eclipses in Ancient Lore by CNN Motion
  • Predator by Jam3
  • Sonaria by Google Spotlight Stories / Chromosphere
  • Sweet Talk – Saint Motel by Wheelhouse Media


  • 150 Media Stream by Leviathan
  • Aarhus Stories by M2Film
  • Cascade by Beyond Words Studio / Territory Studio
  • Make Moves: A Crowdsourced Animation by Dash
  • Very Very Kung Fu by Mixcode Studio


  • #myAndroid Taste Test by Slanted Studios
  • Google Home App by Gunner
  • Year With Uber by Le Cube / Final Frontier

Short Form


  • All The Things by Chris Guyot / Paul McMahon
  • Hey Pressto by DBLG / Animade
  • The Creature by Zhang Longfei
  • The Ma(d)chines by YELL
  • WEIRD by Fausto Montanari

Music Video

  • Frances – Grow by Le Cube / Not To Scale
  • JAY-Z ‘The Story of O.J.’ by The Mill
  • Ma Mama by Katy Wang
  • Makin’ Moves by Kouhei Nakama
  • Opal Waltz by Vincent Tsui
  • Organa by Sabine Volkert
  • Pentakill – ‘Mortal Reminder’ by Friends Electric
  • Uterine Death And Life by Daniel Bruson
  • Washed Out: Floating By by Computer Team

Short Film

  • American Gods: Coming to America 25,000 Years Ago by Tendril Design + Animation
  • Cocoon by Tyler Morgan / Sarah Beth Hulver
  • Deskercise by Foreign Fauna
  • Giorgio by Nicolo Bianchino
  • Here’s the Plan by Fernanda Frick Studio
  • IPN – The Unconquered by Juice
  • Love in Conflict by CNN Motion
  • Monsters by Method Studios
  • Rooms by Andrew Zimbelman
  • The Space Explorers by Gunner

Solo Project

Solo Project > Short Film

  • Complaining about Complaining by Doug Alberts
  • Etsy: Design Your World by JP Rooney
  • Giorgio by Nicolo Bianchino
  • M A C R O by Harrison Vincent
  • Power Hungry by Benjy Brooke
  • REPEAT by Melvin Le Riboter
  • Silly Robots by Chris Lloyd

Solo Project > Visual Essay

  • Don’t be a bully, loser by Emanuele Colombo
  • The Myth of Responsibility by Joe Bichard


Music Composition for Animation

  • Imaginary Friends Society – ‘Feeling Sad’ by Ambrose Yu
  • OFFF London Titles 2017 by Zelig Sound
  • Oslo – A Nike typeface by Babusjka
  • Waso Shiseido ‘All things beautiful come from nature’ by Banjo Soundscapes

Sound Design for Animation

  • Adult Swim Rick and Morty TV Bumpers by Ambrose Yu
  • Gifathon Tokyo by David Kamp


Group Project

  • BAU és BAU by Marc Blanch, Albert Freixas, Lucca Geuna, Laura Subirats
  • Beginnings : a journey through space and time by Ester Rossi
  • Contact by Katy Wang
  • Deuspi by MegaComputer: Léo Brunel, Quentin Camus, Camille Jalabert, Oscar Malet, Corentin Yvergniaux
  • Dreaming by Wei-Shen Wang
  • Meema by Samantha Arman
  • Unstoppable by Kevin Lam, Justin Leung, Kimberly Ong
  • Victoria by Marcos Pastrana, Ignacio Lucena, Enrico Varagnolo, Felipe Restrepo
  • What Now? By Sabrina Woolhiser

Solo Project

  • A New Narrative by Martin Schrammel
  • Adult Swim IDs by Hannah Segraves
  • An Introduction to Climate Change by Taylor Cox
  • Home by Abigail Kim
  • Invictus by Omid Seraj
  • Light by Young G. Woo
  • Motion Makes a Masochist by Dev
  • Ra’na’s Story by Grace Raddenbach
  • The Stranger Titles by Steve Biggert
  • Tough by Jennifer Zheng

Style Frames

  • Airbnb Spot by Madison Ellis
  • Canine Carnival by Whitney Lam
  • Dream by Sofie Lee
  • Journey by Zehan Sheng
  • Revolution (Know Yourself) by Sunny B. Yazdani
  • Made for More by Yoojin Seol
  • One One Nine by Whitney Lam
  • Revolution by Veronica Von Rathonyi
  • The Lost Battalion by Seth Deter


ID Campaign

  • 2017 Nick Holiday Packaging by Aardman / Nathan Love, NYC
  • Ten by Binalogue

Network Branding

  • 2017 Nick Refresh by Superestudio
  • La Liga TV by Diestro
  • MTV International Global Rebrand by Trollbäck+Company


  • Calle 13 – Serial Thriller Promo by Binalogue
  • The Americans “Paper Trail” by Block & Tackle

Show Graphics

  • Early winner will be announced May 2nd, 2018

Sports/News Graphics

  • NFL GameDay by Trollbäck+Company
  • VICE News Graphics by VICE News

Title Sequence

  • Anne with an E Main Title by Imaginary Forces
  • Godless by Method Studios
  • Netflix The Punisher by Elastic

Visual Essay


  • Bitcoin: What’s Coming in the Year Ahead? by Bloomberg
  • Conan O’Brien – The White Stripes by Moth Studio
  • F#ck you Period by Vladimir Marchukov/Officer&Gentleman
  • Mailchimp – Google Ads by Giant Ant
  • Mailchimp – Facebook Ads by Giant Ant
  • North Korea by VICE News
  • Pronounce 3000 by Yeah Haus
  • The Worst Marathon Ever by Great Big Story
  • Two Fresh Explainer – ‘How Explainer Videos Help Your Business’ by Two Fresh Creative
  • Uber and Waymo by VICE News

Social Good

  • Dear Europe by Erica Gorochow
  • Desiring God: Keep Looking by Jorge R. Canedo E.
  • Imaginary Friend Society ‘Finding Out You Have Cancer’ by Giant Ant
  • Imaginary Friend Society ‘Losing Your Hair’ by The Mill
  • Lullaby Theories: A Secret Message by Coat of Arms
  • Roca Young Mothers by Planet Nutshell
  • Spotify – Pride Stories by Giant Ant
  • Together Project by Tendril Design + Animation
  • Waiting by FormPlayStudio
  • What’s an MRI? By Roof Studio