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Dream / Sofie Lee

Category Description

Set of boards created for school studies by a single student
Must be created by an individual student
Must be created for a specific course (online or in-person)

Project Description

We often tend to dream, expect, and imagine the things we wished we had. Dreaming is a catalyst for a better future. However, I see dreams in two different ways. One being that dreams give off a sense of motivation and the other that dreams create a sense of delusion within. As humans, our dreams block us from seeing the things that are right in front of us. Although dreams are meant to keep us alive, they also make us forget our existence and our purpose. In the end, our lack of awareness of our surroundings can drive us to forget who we really are.

The project, Dream, is a set of style frames that is designed based on a visual poem, “Lonely Wintry Moon,” which I wrote portraying myself losing my existence to follow this invisible dream.

The poetry starts from a girl’s perspective, revealing in the beauty of life. Throughout the poem, she begins to realize that the life she desires in not as it seems. It is revealed to her that what she desires was conventional and unimaginative.This realization leads to an internal crisis that devours her existence.

Since the poetry itself deals with non-objective abstract idea that can’t be explained nor expressed with one single image, I primarily employed various geometric shapes in a surrealistic way that conveys the complexity of the girl’s journey. Throughout the piece, we see the veneer of the conventional life and the fracture of her internal conflict.


A visual poem designed and written by Sofie Lee
Conducted and emotional support by Prof, Shin