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Don't Be A Bully, Loser / Emanuele Colombo

Category Description

Explanatory or educational video created by a single person (not including sound design or music composition)

Project Description

A few months ago, a Youtuber with more than half a million subscribers invited all his followers to insult a 16 years old boy, whose only fault was to have criticised him in a private message.

He didn’t even worried about the fact that that kid was affected by Asperger syndrome, and bullied in the past for this reason, as he openly declared in a touching video confession on his Youtube channel.

I found this massive act of collective cyber-bullying so terrible that I decided to use my animation skills to do something useful, making this video available for free to every anti-bullying association that is interested in using it.


Illustration and animation by: Emanuele Colombo
Music and Sound design: Wesley Slover
Voice over: Hunter Wayne