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Power Hungry / Benjy Brooke

Category Description

Any short form piece created by a single person (not including sound design or music composition)

Project Description

A twisty, futuristic adventure, Power Hungry is about a road-tripper whose self-driving car runs out of batteries. The characters we encounter in this world are strange, wonderful, and a little odd as everyone battles it out for energy. Approached by Super Deluxe to expand upon the sci-fi web comics Benjy had been posting to his Tumblr, the initial plan for the piece was really loose (the web comics were really of stream of conscious stuff, with no real plot), and all wacky ideas were explored. Kenny Kusiak did the sound design and score setting the tone for this sci-fi, post-climate-change world.


Director, Designer, Animator - Benjy Brooke
Music and Sound Design - Kenny Kusiak