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150 Media Stream / Leviathan

Category Description

Motion design for an installation, projection or location-based experience (not necessarily interactive)

Project Description

Situated in the lobby of 150 North Riverside, Chicago’s exclusive new commercial tower, a stunning video canvas of more than 3,000 square feet serves as a dynamic digital sculpture for tenants and visitors alike. Dubbed 150 Media Stream, the permanent installation features commissioned works by both established and budding artists from across the globe.
To avoid excessive repetition of contributed artworks, Leviathan has designed an intelligent content library that will continually transform over time and empower 150 Media Stream’s curators with maximum visual flexibility. Using generative algorithms to heighten originality and relevance, the system is programmed to address seasonal, monthly, weekly, daily and even real-time considerations.

These tools, combined with a robustly-built scheduling system and rotating imagery from other commissioned artists, ensure views of the installation remain visually enticing throughout every moment of the day. Such an innovative enhancement gratifies current tower inhabitants, attracts desirable new tenants, and even shares art with the public.


Executive Vice President: Anthony Scacco
Creative Director: Yuge Zhou

Senior Creative Director: Bradon Webb
Senior Producer: Ellen Schopler
Director of Research and Engineering: Adam Berg
Lead Engineers: Adam Berg, David Braun, Chris Hall
Web CMS Director: Austin Mayer
UX Design: Austin Mayer, Adam Berg, Billie Pate
Web Developer: Fujio Harou
Content Development: Bradon Webb, Gareth Fewel, Alexis Copeland, Anthony Malagutti
2D Design/Animation: Gareth Fewel, Alexis Copeland, Ely Beyer, Nik Braatz, Andrew Butterworth, Jesse Willis, Matt Burton, Becka Riccio, Yuan Chenu, Dakota Hopkins
Editor: Kirill Mazor
System Administrator: Lucas Schira
Engineers: Scott Pagano, Elburz Sorkhabi, Mary Franck
Contributing Photography and Video: Chris Pritchard, Jay Worsley, Nick Ulivieri

Executive Producer: Chad Hutson
Executive Creative Director: Jason White

Building Developer: Riverside Investment & Development Company
Building & Lobby Design: Goettsch Partners
Video Blade Design: Goettsch Partners, McCann Systems, Digital Kitchen
Software: Leviathan
Systems Engineering: McCann Systems, Leviathan
150 Media Stream Branding: The Narrative

Creative Director: Jason White
Directors: Daniel Ryan, Jason White, Bradon Webb
Director of Photography: O’Connor Hartnett, Mike Bove
Associate Producer: Brittany Maddock, Erica Grubman
Editor // Colorist: Kirill Mazor
Assistant Editor: Alexander Ward
2D Animation: Gareth Fewel, Nik Braatz
Design: Gareth Fewel, Nancy Hu
VFX: Anthony Malagutti
On-Site Engineer: David Braun, Adam Berg
Lighting // Gaffer: SEM-Q Productions, LLC
Camera Assistant: Mitch Buss, Matthew Bowie
Original Score and Sound Design:Joel Corelitz, Waveplant
Video Content: Leviathan

Enza Lappo, David Keohane, Ellen Schopler, Kirill Mazor, David Braun