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Grantham 'The Perfect Storm' / Bark&Bite

Category Description

The official pick of Carlos El Asmar, co-founder of The Motion Awards and Motionographer.

Project Description

The world is facing a sustainability crisis of epic proportions. Luckily for all of us, the Grantham Centre for Sustainable Futures exists to empower both the public and policymakers and get us all working towards building a fairer world. Luckier still for Bark&Bite, we were the ones entrusted with the task of communicating this in a serious piece of work with a very serious message.


Executive Producer: Christian Knowles-Fitton

Written by: Steve Mckevitt

Producer: Abi Saleem

Lee Roberts
Ash Spurr

Alex Shackleton
Richard Taylor
Nick Quayle
Alex Hilbert

Alfonso Petrovita
Nick Quayle

Music & SFX: Marc Mitchell