Shortlist Judge / Student

Desiree Stavracos

Hornet Inc

Desiree Stavracos is a producer/animator/illustrator based out of Brooklyn, NY. Their recent work includes various ads for Verizon, and the short “Lily and the Snowman”. Desiree attended The School of Visual Arts in Manhattan, earning a BFA in Traditional Animation. They then began working for Bill Plympton in 2010, where they produced his 7th Animated Feature, Cheatin’. In addition to Bill’s feature, their credits include two Simpsons “Couch Gag”s, and Selma Hayek’s animated feature “The Prophet“. After 3.5 years at Plymptoons, Desiree moved into commercial production. Their clients include Google, Facebook, Verizon, Motorola, and Hermes. Desiree is currently collaborating with Moth and Andy Baker, while working on a mural commission for a private client. They also teach a “Career Strategies for Animators” class at The School of Visual Arts.