Finalist Judge / Commercial

Chris Dooley

Brand New School

Chris Dooley is a director whose vision and versatility make him one of the most sought after leaders in the industry. He has worked with a number of major international brands, including Gillette, Coca-Cola, Nike, Volvo, British Airways, and AMEX, and he recently was at the helm of the launch campaign for SiriusXM’s The Beatles Channel.

Prior to joining Brand New School, Chris co-founded the design and animation studio National TV, and helped launch the US division of respected UK production company Not To Scale. He has directed music videos for the likes of Selena Gomez, Demi Lovato, and the Scissor Sisters.

Chris has also lectured at AIGA, FITC Amsterdam, and 3x3 conferences, served on the D&AD jury, and taught Advanced Typography at Art Center College of Design and Motion Graphics for the Graduate Program at Cal Arts Institute of the Arts.